GERD Awareness Week, Stretta Therapy

Nov 14, 2014

Thanksgiving is swiftly approaching and with it is GERD Awareness Week. From November 23-29th GERD Awareness Week professionals use the time to encourage those suffering to seek professional help. Undiagnosed or ignored recurring GERD has been tied to esophageal cancer.

PC  is in the know because we have a fabulous client, Mederi Therapeutics, and their system, Stretta Therapy, helps negate the nasty side effects of GERD and acid reflux with the use of radio frequency technology. You can learn more by visiting their website and their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. There’s always something of note on their social media- live procedures, interesting press and compelling patient stories.

Before you finalize your holiday menu, consider the fact that diet greatly impacts GERD. For those who suffer from chronic effects of GERD and acid reflux, each meal requires careful consideration and planning.

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Pascale Communications Turns 10, Donates to 10 Charities

Oct 23, 2014

PC is turning 10 this January (!!!) and for 10 weeks leading up to our big celebration we are donating to some of our very favorite charities!
This week PCer Allison has nominated Hope For Steve to receive PC’s first donation. Steve Dezember was diagnosed with ALS and their organization aims to bring awareness and fight for a cure. You can check out their story and unique ways they’re raising awareness and funds by visiting their website, Facebook and of course Twitter and Instagram.

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PR Takeaways from the Netflix Series ‘BoJack Horseman’

Oct 23, 2014

Netflix’s recently aired comedy series “BoJack Horseman” introduces audiences to a down-on-his-luck, has-been celebrity facing the pitfalls of contemporary Hollywood culture. Along the way, BoJack’s many follies impart lessons that translate surprisingly well to the challenge-fraught world of public relations.

Be warned: major spoilers ahead.

Learn from the past, but live in the present

BoJack’s inability to move past his glory years and tendency to act as if he owns the world leads to a string of poor life choices, including sleeping with the drug-addicted actress who formerly played his daughter and stealing the “D” from the Hollywood sign.

A lesson learned: former success doesn’t ensure present success. If PR professionals want to succeed, they must look at the current landscape and be strategic about how they tackle business challenges. Playing by the old, established rules is a recipe for disaster.

Be a Zelda, not a Zoë

BoJack’s frenemy, Mr. Peanut Butter, is the star of another former sitcom where he played father to pre-teens Zoë, a brooding, sarcastic introvert, and Zelda, a sweet, bubbly achiever. This spawns a cultural craze wherein a person is labeled a “Zoë” or a “Zelda” depending on their personality. When BoJack points out the absurdity of lumping everybody into two binary camps, he is quickly ostracized as a “Zoë.” Although he is astute, he’s characteristically abrasive when making his argument, and is written off.

In PR, we have days when we are coordinating multiple high-priority projects, leaving us feeling much more Zoë than Zelda. Still, it’s critical to maintain the appearance and tone of Zelda even in the most stressful times. Clients want to speak to Zelda, even if the pressure’s mounting on your side of the phone.

Appreciate your Diane

The first season’s main plot focuses on BoJack’s relationship with Diane Nguyen, a ghostwriter drafting BoJack’s autobiography. After witnessing BoJack’s vain, self-absorbed actions Diane writes a scathingly honest draft including BoJack’s flaws and insecurities. After reading it, BoJack kicks Diane out of his life instead of facing his failings, losing a friend in the process. When Diane angrily leaks the first chapter online, her story about a flawed, relatable celebrity proves a smash hit with readers.

A PR professional will eventually meet a colleague or client whose criticisms seem harsh at best and scathing at worst. In order to grow as a professional, it’s imperative to know how to step back and realize that often, this feedback is not meant to hurt or belittle, but guide us on the path to improvement.


Happy Boss’ Day to Georgette Pascale!

Oct 15, 2014


Thanks Georgette for all your support and guidance for the past 6 years!! I can’t imagine working anywhere else!! Happy boss day! – Amy

Georgette is truly an inspiration in every sense of the word. Her passion for PR, her dedication to our team, and her commitment to staying true to herself have continually inspired me to do more, to be more, and to never stop striving for excellence. She attaches a genuine uniqueness to everything that she does, an attribute I both respect and admire. She’s a fierce leader & mentor and I appreciate her today and always! – Lauren

GP’s energy and smile is contagious! She never fails to inspire me to push boundaries inside and out of PR. I always tell her she’s a badass role model but now I’ll shout it: YOU ROCK, GP! – Laura


Georgette gave me the opportunity of a lifetime nearly seven years ago, and it’s because of her constant support that I’ve been able to grow my skills at PC, both inside and outside the virtual walls. I truly can’t imagine my life had I not jumped in head first to the world of healthcare PR with Georgette and her team of shining stars. – Allison

Georgette, while being dedicated and committed to the business, also has a sense of priority.  When the stress associated with PR gets to be a bit much (as it often does), she reminds us that, ultimately, this is just a job.  She seems to be aware that the bigger picture (life) is of greater importance. – Mona

G-generous!!! Crazy generous!!
E-energetic. Watch out little pink bunny!! You’ve got nothing on GP!
O-omniscient.  She really does know it all and I’ve learned so much from her!!
R-realist. You want to know how it is? Ask GP!
G-genuine. Want to know where you stand? Ask GP!
E-eloquent…no one can say it like GP!
E-everyone at PC is lucky to be able to call her boss…happy National Boss’ Day!!!!!!
- Ursula

I’ve never had the kind of support and sincerity before in a leader. GP inspires me to succeed, not only for the clients and the company, but for myself. Plus, no one makes me laugh the way she does. Kisses to my fave boss lady!! xo Audra


Georgette is awesome because she acknowledges great work and lets you know it’s appreciated. She’s also wonderful at interacting with clients– she’s sharing client articles on LinkedIn all the time! – Donna

Georgette enables her team to shine, by creating a work environment that is welcoming and encourages growth. Through strong teamwork, the PC team is able to provide stellar work to its clients, all thanks to Georgette. – Jamie

GP leads by example – she is generous, transparent and always open to dialogue. With that, she is also a fierce leader, who not only backs her team, but trusts us. Her impeccable ability to read a situation and navigate uncharted territory – on the fly, no less – never ceases to impress of succeed. She’s a “solutions” person, and in a world full of problems, I could not ask for a better mentor, confidant of “boss” of a lady. – Cassy

I love the fun, hard-working, and supportive culture she has created at PC and thank my lucky stars for meeting her and having the opportunity to be a part of the PC team. – Hannah

In an industry landscape marked by mountains, GP is a river. Her dynamism and intrinsic passion are unparalleled, allowing her to face any challenge with strategy, drive, and compassion. She brings her can-do attitude to all facets of the workplace, and her entire team is stronger for it. Cheers, GP! – Mike

Georgette’s innate ability to connect with everyone she meets is extraordinary. From clients to the guy working at Dunkin’ Donuts, she makes everyone feel special. She’s savvy, intuitive, caring – and FUN!! – Deb

New Intern at Pascale Communications! Welcome, Sasha!

Oct 8, 2014

I first wanted to get into PR when I watched Just My Luck featuring Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine around 2006.

In the movie, Lohan works for a PR firm and skillfully moves up the ranks to plan her own event for a big record label company. The fact that someone can be so creative in a professional field really sparked the flame to the fiery passion I have for PR. It matches my passion for photography, which is difficult to do. Being a creative is a passion- and so is fitness.

My name is Sasha Mihaela and I graduated from Monmouth University this past July. School really helped me access the tools I need to make my way in this field. From writing press releases, managing Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram accounts to creating a portfolio that displays my best talents, I learned how to take everything I learned at Monmouth and apply it in the real world with my internship. Interning at Rob Bailey Communications in Upper Saddle River, NJ taught me so much in the three short months I worked there. I was taught how to use Cision, which is extremely crucial, and achieved more experience in writing blog posts and creating beneficial lists that will be used in the future.

Though have never experienced working with a virtual company, I think the concept is a really cool one. It will be an experience and eventually help market myself better as I go further into my career.  I really enjoy learning new things and I can’t wait to see how this internship works out for me. In my opinion you can never have too much experience and I am so thrilled to add Pascale Communications to my list!

– Sasha Mihaela, Intern at Pascale Comunications


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Donate!

Oct 1, 2014

October means many things: crunchy leaves, pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING, and pink. Yes, pink!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a great time to remind women of the importance of self breast exams, stir up excitement about education and of course donate money to worthy charities aiming to prevent and cure breast cancer.

A couple of charities Pascale Communications personally supports includes:

Look Good, Feel Better is a great charity that has an active social media presence you can check out. Their Facebook and Twitter has tons of information about how to donate and how you can make a difference.

Young Women’s Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation is another wonderful organization that has an informative Facebook page. Check out their website and find out how and where you can have a free mammogram!

If shopping is your bag, check out how you can support breast cancer by buying from top designers.

If you’re more of a foodie, we’ve got you covered. This Pink Ribbon Poke Cake recipe will whet your appetite and remind those devouring it of the importance of awareness.

Have any suggestions for charities? Leave a comment and we’ll feature your organization for the month of October!


When Reinventing the Wheel Works

Sep 23, 2014

There’s an old and tired expression we hear far too often in everyday conversation. “Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.”

One of the things I love most about working in the healthcare world is that here, reinventing the wheel doesn’t just work; it elevates. If brilliant inventors, tireless physicians, and savvy entrepreneurs stuck only to the status quo, we would still be using handsaws to amputate and leeches to let blood. And as fun as that all sounds, we wouldn’t be better off in the long run.

In the eye care space, in particular, we are seeing some amazing breakthroughs in drug delivery and diagnostic technology. Within the last year alone, PC has had the pleasure of assisting the launch of dropless cataract surgery and advanced Sjögren’s syndrome testing for dry eye patients, two radically innovative departures from the established patient management “norm.” Whether we’re introducing a patient with retinal prosthesis to ophthalmic media or conducting ”man on the street” style interviews about dropless surgery, we take pride knowing we’re educating our peers on some of the most cutting-edge technologies and paradigms existing in the marketplace.

Fun fact: the term “invention” derives from the Latin word for “discover.” This etymology is especially relevant given the upcoming Ophthalmology Innovation Summit in Chicago, IL, where venture capitalists will have a chance to assess – and in many cases, discover – the next generation of groundbreaking technologies and tools that could end up in the hands of eye care practitioners across the nation. Like the VCs and industry experts attending, PC looks forward to seeing what the future holds for eye care. Some of our greatest triumphs and most rewarding projects have come from working with start-ups and companies looking to “reinvent the wheel,” and we don’t expect this to change anytime soon.

See you in Chicago!

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 1.10.34 PM


Optovue Unveiling Exciting Product at Vision Expo West!

Sep 10, 2014

Our client Optovue, an ophthalmic company dedicated to working with eye care professionals and clinical researchers to lead the commercialization of new imaging modalities, will be unveiling an exciting new product this year at Vision Expo West.

If you are attending, be sure to stop by Booth #MS5035 from 9/18-20 to learn more. Tell them PC sent you!

You can keep up with Optovue via their LinkedIn page and PC’s Twitter account for live updates during the show and expect to learn more about how their iWellness Exam can provide valuable information to aid in early diagnosis of ocular disease.



The Future’s Looking Bright

Aug 29, 2014

Guest blog by Mike Elofer.

Although my debonair style and roguish attitude imply otherwise, I rarely get so much excitement in one week. Since Sunday, I’ve finalized plans for a move, participated in my company’s Ice Bucket Challenge, and made public my recent Pascale Communications position change.

Over the next several weeks, I will transition out of account operations and don the mantle of Assistant General Manager. Since announcing my upcoming role transition, I’ve received several “Congratulations” (thank you!), followed by a “So what exactly is it you’ll be doing?”

Fair question. My position, brand new on the PC scene, will see me focus on, among other things, promoting the company to broader media, assisting with new business initiatives, and overseeing the development of written content for the company and our clients. I’ll also be using my obsession with organizing to refine our cloud resources and improve efficiency.

I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity to leverage my skills and passions – many I discovered and honed working here – to expand PC’s sphere of influence, grow the business and improve our internal operations. Most of all, I’m grateful to Georgette for once again investing in my growth as an employee and a professional; I wouldn’t be writing this blog post today if she hadn’t offered one eager intern a shot at copywriting for the business, and very shortly after that, a chance to learn the ropes of account work.

I’m excited to work with my team and our partners in the months ahead to carry our talent and passion forward towards new horizons.


Mike Elofer named Asst General Manager of Pascale Communications

Aug 28, 2014

Big congratulations are in order for Mike Elofer- he has just been named Assistant General Manager at Pascale Communications!

Mike is currently transitioning from trade work to his new responsibilities which broadly include:

  • Content Development
  • New Business
  • Outreach on behalf of PC
  • Quality Control
  • Internal Development

We sincerely wish Mike all the success and look forward to seeing how PC transforms under his guidance.